Do I keep getting asked if I teach classes?  Do I present Trunk Shows?  Yes, I do!

Paintstik Playdate Class  
The thought behind this class is to get you addicted to using paintstiks and stencils.  You will learn a variety of simple techniques using different types of stencils, paintstiks, and brushes on fabric.  We will discuss the care and use of paintstiks.  Explore the difference between Matte and Iridescent Paintstiks.  Discover how helpful Primers and Blenders can be.  We are going to get out our paintstiks to experiment, play and create.  Experimentation is always encouraged.

6 Hour Class; plus 1-hour Setup and 1 hour take down and clean up of the classroom.  8 hours total.

Class Supply List

If your Guild or Organization is interested in hosting a class, please contact me at for details and cost.


Trunk Show - A Journey through Color & Design 
My ongoing journey with Color & Design.  How I have grown into where I am today.  We will look at my various fabric dying techniques, hand dyeing, marbling, snow dying and over dying.  You will see why I have fallen in love with creating my own fabrics.  I always encourage questions.

1 Hour Talk

If your guild or Organization is interested in hosting a Trunk Show, please contact me at for details and cost.



Misc. Information

Marbled Arts Fabric Designs - The history behind our hand marbled fabric designs and their names.

How to Snow Dye Fabric - We had snow and you have been asking for directions.  Have fun!

Fun with Paintstiks & Stencils on Fabric - If you have attended my demo this will help remind you how to do that.  Also Examples of Paintstik Projects.

How I use Ultimate Marking Pencil - I find visual aids work the best.

How to apply Terial Magic Spray to Fabric - Use Terial Magic Spray to all body to your fabric.  The fabric is then easy to shape using a curling iron.

Check out our Blog to see what we have been creating


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